26 Beach

Venice, CA. This is one of my top recommendations for a solid Westside eatery for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. From beginning to end, the food served here has a tendency to be on the side of great. Portion sizes range per entree, as should be expected, but more than likely, it will be generous. Food quality is noticed and the presentation is well-received.

The restaurant has an eclectic exterior patio, and the interior is more of traditional aesthetic. It reminds me of a French home I saw years ago, with its collection of color, pillows, and planters. Once the food hits the table, eyes gaze up from surrounding patrons and you easily focus on the prize: eating. 

Brunch Burger - Bacon 'n eggs...on a burger? Well of course there are others to choose form, but this is my regular item. Their side salad or fries are equally good, but on the lean of healthy, the vinaigrette on the salad offers a refreshing palette cleanser in between bites. Why not enjoy each bite as if it is the very first? Another great addition to a meal, is their Blueberry Iced Tea (pictured above), strong in scent, mild in flavor, but refreshing all the same.

Pan-Fried Goat Cheese Salad - I order this entree salad of fresh greens tossed in blue cheese dressing and with two medium over-easy eggs layered on top. Leave the berries in or have them put on the side, your call, but this salad is easily a brunch or dinner food done interesting and done right.

Service is moderate, with the same faces having been there since I first started going years ago. With its history in my mind, I don't really notice service as much as I anticipate when my meal will arrive. The salads boast fresh and restaurant-made dressings and the gourmet burger selection is unmatched from competitors in Los Angeles. Each of these two items seem to have their own menu pages of dedication, and there is generally a new tester salad or burger listed on a printed menu provided when you are seated. The items can get a bit pricey, but with the taste of the selections, you are certainly in for a treat.

26 Beach
3100 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 823-7526