Green Peas - RE-OPENED!!

Culver City, CA. It was a brisk, yet sunny day in Los Angeles, and I had a need for something something light, something fresh, and something tasty. Could I find such a place? I checked out my phone, found a few spots, and what do you know, there was this healthy eatery just minutes away. What's so great about this Argentine run, healthy eatery is that it offers a diverse array of options for carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores alike.

Carrot Soup - Certainly warming and certainly fresh. A rather larger cup despite the fact that it was merely a cup. The soup tasted like pureed carrots strained and only lightly seasoned. If carrots are loved, it's a good option, but if flavor is the key player, then it's not the suggested soup to try - as carrots are the only taste of note in this particular soup.

Vegan Steak Sandwich - hosted on pretzel bread, included pesto aioli, Gardein steak, and Daiya cheese with the peppers and onions, making for a great flavor blend. Daiya cheese tends to clump as it chills, so in previous experience and what I noticed with this, eat your sandwich when it arrives to your table. The pretzel bread came lightly toasted but remained soft and moist.  The sandwich came with a simple salad.. It was not a stand-alone dish, but it certainly skewed the attention back to the sandwich and was a simple, fresh addition to the plate.

There is street parking available but please read the signs. The surrounding streets have plenty of spaces available, likely due to the fact that the restaurant is not at a high-traffic intersection. There was ample seating inside and out, but with its layout, this is not a large group type of venue. The restaurant draws a mixed crowd of dancers, yogis, ice skaters, locals, to fellow visitors looking for a quiet spot to write and eat. Fruit infused water is offered to all guests in the seating area. In addition to the good eats, there were pleasant staff, efficient clean-up, and an overall low-cost. I can't wait to come back and explore the menu more fully.

Green Peas
4437 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 397-9815