Los Balcones Del Peru

Hollywood, CA. Off an unsuspecting street in Hollywood, lies this rather interesting and unassuming Peruvian eatery. A friend and I were of Latin persuasion this particular day and found ourselves to be the first customers at the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon. One could probably describe the environment to be minimal or simple, utilizing whites and browns to bring everything together. Although quiet when I came, the acoustics foreshadowed some noise issues if the crowd gets too heavy.

The servers were warm and welcoming and quite helpful in navigating us newcomers through their one-page menu. Prices were a bit more than other local latin eateries, but for the quality of the food we were about to experience, I recommend it as an option of consideration.

Chicha Morada
Sweet Potato Crisps
While we waited, my friend and I ordered what's called a Chicha Morada, a sweet drink made from boiled purple corn and fruits, and sweetened with sugar. Cinnamon is added to complete the beverage, which although incredibly unique, made for a nice blend of refreshing. The server came to the table with lightly fried sweet potato crisps and a sofrito sauce. To dip, to drizzle? I've no idea what the correct way to go was, but the combination paired well - the power of the cilantro and the sweetness of the potatoes, Mmmm.

Aji de Gallina
The dish I ordered was called Aji de Gallina, a garlic chicken dish with a creamy texture, paired with a hard boiled egg and white rice. Although at a glance, an underwhelming portion, bite after bite would soon tell me why, as I filled up quickly on just the richness of flavor. My friend ordered their Bistek Patron, a steak coupled with vegetables over a bed of white rice with a fried egg and plantains on the side. I took a few bites and couldn't recognize the combination, but in any case, it tasted incredibly warm, fresh, and authentic - like a nice, home-cooked meal.

Bistek Patron
When it was time for dessert, my friend and I just couldn't go any further - too full, too, too full. 

Los Balcones Del Peru
1360 Vine St
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 871-9600