Abbots Pizza Co.

Venice, CA.  I've been coming to this pizza joint since I arrived in Los Angeles. A recommended local eatery in my community and serving one of my ideal eats, I couldn't help but give it a try. Located on Abbot Kinney, a street of artistic value and custom boutiques, one gets lost for a moment in Venetian culture. It's no Italy, but the street has its charm, certainly.

The shop sits a few storefronts in from California Ave,  next to a few small eateries and clothing stores. The door sits brightly beckoning your entrance and yet you may pass it by, thinking it's just like any other pizza shop. Oh, but you should stop, and if you do, you'll notice and taste the difference, as cliche as that might sound.

They seem to try a few new innovations that make it worth your while here. Someone once told me that the crust was created from bagel-dough. Well, it is true and their signage attests to this fact. The slices are large, but can get pricey if you're really that hungry. They have a great variety for vegetarian and non-vegetarian eats - it makes ordering that much more complicated. Also with any slice you can get a side of the house dipping sauce, which had a nice kick to it. With so many good eats extending across Los Angeles, I infrequently come here, but it has seen my mug a number of times in the past few years.

Spicy Chicken Pizza - (pictured above) tequila lime marinated chicken with jalapeno, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce...sauce is light on this slice, but a decent flavor combination. Fresh is best, and this slice wasn't at its optimum potential. The chicken was a tad dry, but having been cooked twice or thrice can do that.

Mushroom Pizza - portobello, shiitake mushrooms with parmesan, romano and mozzarella cheeses on an olive pesto sauce...unique on the combinations and a great mesh in the mouth, but the tartness of the sauce can overtake the dish sometimes, especially if you're not a pesto fan. The mushrooms are cooked pretty evenly and for the mushroom lovers out there, worth a shot.

Four-Way Pizza - sliced tomato, red onion, mushrooms, bell peppers, romano, parmesan, mozzarella and fontina cheeses on an olive pesto sauce...toppings win out in this dish, as the focus is clearly on the combo. As you bite, you can feel the crunch of each of the separate flavors and can also note them together. Good taste, enough so that I've actually attempted to make a version at home.

Salad Pizza
Salad Pizza - chopped mixed greens, onion, basil, topped with feta cheese and avocado on a sour cream base with lemon dressing...Ah the innovation. Maybe someone went somewhere else and had this idea, or maybe it is unique to the pizza shop, whoever is behind it deserves due credit, as this tends to be one of the more refreshing slices. 

Who knows, if you go there enough you may suffer from what I am right now, pizza withdrawal!

Abbots Pizza Co.
1407 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 396-7334