Firehouse Restaurant

Portland, OR. This place came highly recommended during my visit to PDX. A converted restaurant with a heavy wood interior - quite the interesting place. Rotisserie chicken and fire roasted pizza - all huge pluses. Staff were friendly and although I came for a quick bite, the menu had some interesting eats that I could see myself enjoying in the future. Ordered a few quick options of Fried Cauliflower, Potato CrispsWedge Salad and a couple of beers (like their coffee, Portland and beer = harmony).

The Fried Cauliflower was neutral in flavor but an interesting concept. I found my taste buds going nuts over the citrus creme that it was paired with - though I also found myself dipping the Potato Crisps more so than the appetizer it was intended for...oops.

The Potato Crisps were a mix between french fries and potato chips: lightly fried, tossed with a salty cheese. A cool concept that would've been amped up easily with a fresh garlic aioli or a seasoned ketchup.

The Wedge Salad had a good flavor. Similar in look to the wedge options I've seen in Los Angeles, this dish differs in that their fresh dressing actually complimented the dish in a way that wasn't overpowering. The lettuce was crisp, and the sprinkle of light cheese added a creamy element to the combination.

I enjoy restaurants that feature regular foods in a different way. This restaurant was certainly one of them, playing with texture and flavor combinations to throw a little 'extra' into the dishes. The venue is uniquely decorated and staff are accommodating to your needs as a consumer, but I think next time I want to see what their rotisserie and fire oven are all about.

Firehouse Restaurant
711 NE Dekum St
Portland, OR 97255
(503) 954-1702