Lovejoy Bakers

Portland, OR. When you're traveling in a foreign city, or better stated "foreign to you" city, there are some great food-oriented mobile apps.  If you find yourself sans internet and with user friendly reception, good eats are just a few finger strokes away. Outside of the Saturday Market (on a Sunday) I walked through the city of Portland on a quest: where could I find a vanilla cream cheese danish and a good cup 'a jo?

I came across a number of places: Petite Provence, Pearl Bakery, Nuvrei Pastries, Ken's - all of whom I called to ask three pretty important questions:
  1. Do you carry cheese danish?
  2. Do you bake them on-site?
  3. At what time?
Sure, it may seem a bit extensive for a quick early morning call, but typically pastry shops can answer them with absolutely no difficulty. Of course if you find the rep hesitating before answering, just hope that they're new to the shop, otherwise fresh may not be what is in the store. I settled on Lovejoy Bakers in the Pearl District, a fun and quaint little area to walk through in the downtown area.

The bakery has a sweet Vanilla Cheese Danish made with flaky croissant dough and is baked in the wee hours of the morning on-site. I ordered the last one and paired it with a large White Mocha and sat down on this atypically sunny day to enjoy my second eat of the day.  The coffee was incredibly smooth with a hint of chocolate - maybe it was a good day, or maybe it was what would soon learn about Portland: it's just a coffee makin' kind of city.

The flavors of the pastry hit home, despite the fact that I came late in the morning, chose the last one, and realized that mine was a tad overcooked. The pastry was flaky, could easily taste wonderful earlier in the day without reheating, and wasn't too sweet. The size was larger than I expected, more than enough to satisfy, and I couldn't even finish the entire danish - an oddity for me. After passing it to a friend, the validation that it was pretty darn good was heard with each "Mmm" he uttered in his consumption.

The cafe itself hosts indoor and outdoor seating, with a number of fresh breads and other goodies to try. The line moves quickly but with just enough time to survey the potential chow. I was tempted to indulge in a bit more, but I knew with just the environment alone I'd be back for a quick bite, cup, or conversation.

Lovejoy Bakers
939 NW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 208-3113