Papa Haydn

Portland, OR. It's open late. It has dessert. It serves coffee. 'nuff said? (nah)

Driving back to my temporary residence from an incredible pizza experience, my friend and I saw Papa Haydn's interior still lit. Wait, there is another location? Earlier on 23rd I remember walking in to take a peek at the restaurant's highly suggested dessert menu. Indeed, there is an Eastside and Westside restaurant. Either way, the idea was to eat a light after-meal bite and a nice cup of coffee...of course that meant a cake, cookie, and a dessert beverage.

Cassata Cake - Soaked with liquor and served with coffee beans, caramel and hot fudge...nice combination of flavors. The buttercream frosting was the focus here - light, fluffy, and delicious. The cake texture was nice on the tongue, but again, although the tastes were good, the frosting was the clear winner - should this have been a competition.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie - A traditional chocolate chip cookie made a bit thicker than the standard cookie. It was a cookie you could easily expect, but as a cookie it still made one smile with each bite.

Black Pearl - coffee mixed with liquor, with a hint of  black licorice (as a child I've grown to dislike the latter). Not the right mixture for me, but I could see where they were going with it and I applaud the creativity.

The restaurant boasts a large assortment of desserts that exceeds many I've seen in such venues. The interior space is large enough for larger or smaller groups. At a late hour, it seems to be the option for dining or, as in our case, dessert.  Throughout the day dessert options may dwindle, but there are enough featured options to arrive and leave content. As we were sitting at the below location, we had a great view of one of the chefs preparing desserts from the kitchen - it was a great thing to watch and she looked quite happy doing it - something that makes for a better tasting experience as the consumer. If you've not yet tried this eatery and wanting to venture around Portland in the search of a full meal or a light bite, take a gander in here to see if it suits your cravings.

Papa Haydn
5829 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 232-9440