Pix Patisserie

Portland, OR. Cozy is the appropriate word for such a place, with its tiered up patio chairs on the outside and intimate (and bright) interior. Certainly not a place for a crowd, but on a sunny day, as it was on this particular day, sitting to enjoy the weather with a nice cup of coffee...life seems to slow down just enough for you to enjoy your company and the sweets on which you decide to splurge...

My friend and I warmed up to a Rosemary Mocha Latte and Hazelnut Latte. As I've said in previous postings, Portland seems to know the "secret" behind a good cup of coffee - rosemary infused coffee? Interestingly delicious. Hazelnut paste? Ne'ere powder nor syrup to be found? Wait for the surprise at the bottom of your cup - small remnants of the hazelnut you just drank. A great concoction and great texture on the tongue.

Decadence, simply put, is the word to describe the sweet eats. This isn't a typical croissant and donut type of pairing, as you see the array of delicate French edibles presented in the display. I went for the "Pixie" and "La Frambroise" - both  tasty, although my lean was for the Pixie, with its layers of sweet and hints of salty. La Frambroise, a powdery sweet edible with a sweet raspberry interior, seemed better suited for a winter night, and promptly served after it was made.

With a North and SE location, each hosting the sweet eats and delicious beverages but with a different decorative aesthetic, it will be easy to find the suitable spot to become a regular. It's a shame I don't actually live here, but  I would certainly recommend this cozy place as a stop for locals and travelers alike.

Pix Patisserie
3402 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 232-4407