Via Delizia


Portland, OR. This great little eatery in the Pearl District was pretty good, but for a traveler like me having wifi available was a definite plus.  I found myself walking by this place several times, unsure of what type of food it actually offered. The menu itself was a bit more rounded than I anticipated in reading reviews, covering an assortment of Italian and Mediterranean fare. They seemed to specialize in gelato and coffee more than anything else, so I certainly had to take a sample after my meal.

I went with their Toscano Sandwich with House Salad and ordered an Almond Latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon (at the recommendation of a friend). Sandwich was good and hearty - larger serving of turkey meat than I would generally expect, a nice surprise. The salad was simple fresh...but within the realm of expectation - Portland organic expectations.

The latte took my attention easily away from the food - smooth, warm, and delicately created. There was no pizzazz or picture creation, just a simple line across its foam. The owner put some effort into this glass, and it was actually recommended to me that he make it. Needless to say, great recommendation, as it was one of the more savory cups I enjoyed across the week.

The service was friendly and my friend who joined was a regular, so I felt a little bit more on the 'in' when it came to enjoying this eatery. For a bite alone, or with a small group to catch up, I can see this being a comfortable spot to chat, write, or just take in the day.

Via Delizia
1105 NW Marshall St
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 225-9300