Cafe Los Feliz

Los Angeles, CA. I walked up Hillhurst looking for a small bakery that felt homey and I was hoping for something delicious. What a treat to find such a bakery with a food menu in addition to their sweet eats! My friend and I were greeted with smiles and quickly agreed that this was worth a go. After a few minutes of studying the menu, we ordered and chose a table outside to watch the street while we indulged.

Almond Croissant - served straight from the case, I was expecting an underwhelming experience. I was wrong. The croissant was soft as I bit into it and the almond paste was a delight. The sweetened filling was spread evenly throughout the croissant, no area left missed, and was a subtle blend of almond and sugar. I was supposed to share but my friend and I decided to get our own, for the sake of the 'full' experience.

Breakfast Sandwich on Croissant
Breakfast Sandwich - featured eggs, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and mayo layered on a fresh croissant. The ingredients were hearty and were brimming beyond the oversized croissant. I took one bite, closed my eyes, and for a moment, had a moment. The sandwich quickly found its way to my heart and slowly to my belly as I took another bite to re-affirm it's tastiness. The sandwich was hard to put down and sad to see go, but exciting with each bite. Why can't all food give me this feeling?

The staff were friendly and answered any and all questions they could. They even made suggestions to the order to enhance the consuming experience. Though the space is tiny, minimally decorated with only a few chairs and tables inside and out, it has some of the tastiest baked treats I've tried. It remains one of my favorite spots that gives me an escape from the busy-ness of Los Angeles with a plate of fresh baked and a side of delicious.

Cafe Los Feliz
2118 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 664-7111


  1. The Los Feliz Cafe used to be a La Conversation, just an interesting fact.

  2. Always good information to know. :-)