La Conversation Cafe

West Hollywood, CA. For brunch. For Breads. Go here. It seems like I've been on a cafe kick these past few months, but maybe that's telling. Eateries of this type tend to offer simple eats at reasonable cost yet still providing that mouthful of flavor. Why not, eh? Another addition to the cafe list is this little eatery off of Doheny.

A friend and I walked to the cafe one morning to grab a croissant. I saw the baked items and planted myself at a table and ordered a full meal in addition to my mini-croissants (is it wrong to get excited over a bread basket?: melt-in-your-mouth buttery goodness.). I wasn't the least bit dissatisfied. 

Bread Basket
Almond Brioche - baked fresh daily is their boast and claim it so. The pastry mirrored coffee cake with an almond touch and went down easy. I love my baked goods, but this felt a bit sinful...could I taste the butter? Was that my imagination? least I hope not. There were so many others I wished to try but no time and not enough stomach to make it happen.

Eggless Burrito
Eggless Burrito - an easy concoction that I ordered out of curiosity: flour tortilla wrapped around chicken, spinach, mushroom, onion and cheese. The flavors were on the neutral side for my tastes, but it was a feel-good, 'healthy' dish. A simple southern California tradition made without eggs and absolutely no frozen ingredients, needed to be tried. Of course I added some spicy then practically swallowed the burrito whole.

This may be a place you have never thought of trying but I do suggest you give it a whirl. The bakery alone warrants a visit and their cases will tease you until you order. The interior is quaint and the wait can be iffy, but after you sit down and take a bite of their mini-pastries you will find your eyes exceeding yours stomach. With an environment that cozies you up to conversation, patrons that range from locals to celebrities, all while feasting on made-to-order cuisine, what's not to enjoy?

La Conversation Cafe
638 N Doheny Dr
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 858-0950