Larchmont Bungalow

Los Angeles, CA. On a routine venture into new eats I found myself here, staring at the dimly lit patio wondering if it was actually open. It was. Oh my.  The eatery itself was quiet. A few smaller groups sat around the restaurant talking quietly amongst each other, but the place was mellow. With a set-up similar to larger franchises, the design can be considered warm, depending on your mood.

In walking inside, the first two things I noticed were cookies and pastries. I saw these cookies that were at least 5" in diameter, soft to the touch and tongue, and one of my friend's favorite indulgences. I wasn't really in a cookie mood, but the "...MmMmmMMmMmmMm" that repeatedly came from friend's mouth as we again wandered down Larchmont Boulevard certainly verified that their cookie is a pretty darn good thing. Sure, they had a host of other things, but I'm a visually stimulated person some time so their dessert display did come first...but on to the eats.

Mint Mocha
Mint Mocha - bitter, sweet, symphony of flavor but none more grand than any other. I like my coffee clean, just like most preferred palatable flavor combinations, and though this had at least that it primarily served to warm me up not wow me. Their menu was extensive enough to try again and again until I find my future coffee favorite.

Poutine - poutine, poutine, poutine...a dish my friend taunts me with every time he goes home. I've had it before, not in its traditional sense, but I've had a 'taste'. The dish is simple: fries + gravy + cheese (curds or crumbles). It's also simply tasty...the gravy and fries sandwich in the cheese and melt it into the fries which really do require a fork to consume. I wasn't overwhelmed with the fries on this particular venture, but the dish satisfied my craving for the treat. 

Southwest Grilled Cheese
Southwest Grilled Cheese - best described as a lightly toasted pulled pork sandwich with a heap of cheese melted into the bread. The taste was comforting, oddly so. I like my grilled cheese but this twist gave me a smile...and a nice smear of BBQ sauce around my lips. It was hearty for the little sandwich I expected and very easy to put down.

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding
Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding - I saw what looked like bread pudding, validated with inquiry, and the server nicely went on to explain that it is one of the things the bungalow is known for...served in-house heated with a side of whipped cream. Three different flavors to choose: Chocolate Chip, Mixed Berry, Cinnamon...I asked the most highly chosen item...and Chocolate Chip (to-go) it was! The server instructed me to heat up the pudding in the oven for 10-15 minutes at a low heat (I chose 300) at home for the in-house feel and fresh taste.

Prepared as directed the bread pudding remained moist, the chocolate melted nicely, and although not terribly sweet, the sweet was enough to provide the right amount of bursts to the dish. I told myself I would only eat half, but after seeing that there were only two bites left, I said forget  rationalizing, this is mine!

This eatery is nice but not uniquely separate than so many other quaint little cafe's in the area. However, with its range of offerings and tasty bites, it is most certainly a welcomed addition to anyone's roster.

Larchmont Bungalow
107 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 461-1528


  1. Why is there no mention in your post that Larchmont Bungalow is an illegal restaurant that's been operating without any permit whatsoever?

    The city has filed three criminal charges against, and it definitely does NOT have the support of locals.

    Bungalow comped Elite Yelpers and bloggers and also issued 8,000 half-off coupons to non-locals who don't bother to keep up with local issues.

  2. If you're so enamored by the pastries, note that they don't bake them on site. They have Esti Rothstein bake them in Van Nuys.

    The health inspector has noted that Bungalow's kitchen is too small. It wasn't supposed to be a restaurant serving meals etc.

    Oh, haven't you heard about the health department finding numerous code violations there in March 2011? Food trays on the garbage cans (because the space is too small) and a cook preparing food with open blisters on his hand.