Artichoke Pizza

New York City, NY. Several teas, coffee, mac 'n cheese, donuts, and hamburgers later, I found myself sitting at a cramped wooden bar staring at this: a piping hot, gooey slice of pie. One would think I was a bit stuffed and normally that'd be the case, but with the compelling words, "there's this place I want you to try," I made sure to save some room. It was nearby, it was open late, and it was one of my favorite food choices.

There we sat, nestled between the window and countertop of this small eatery, awkwardly balancing ourselves against the available space. In peering around, it would seem that this was a late night stop-in, with its steady flow of customers approaching the midnight hour. The cashier called out, "All yours boss," and I picked up my last taste of the city.

Artichoke Slice
Artichoke Pizza - was the famed suggestion, eagerly pointed out by the cashier. Even after ordering he spoke highly of the slice, convincing me that once I try it I'd be crazy not to return for another. I sat and observed...crisp cheese and gooey cream sauce beginning to ooze onto the plate. It was tart, smooth and steaming. Though the artichoke was discernable, it wasn't heavy-handed and the spinach was subtly placed. The cheese went on for days, or minutes, before I could find a cohesive method for consumption.  Mouthwatering, but my day of eats limited how much more I could swallow. The rich and creamy nature of the dish better considers it as a share or perhaps a 1 or 2 slice maximum - rare for me to say of pizza.

With locations in the East Village, Greenwich Village, and Chelsea and late hours across all, it's easy to pop in during a late night food craze. The menu humorously identifies itself between "Pizza" and "Not Pizza", in the event there may be confusion, though the cashiers are quite helpful.  A tasty late night food success? For what I would have considered at that moment...most definitely.  

Artichoke Pizza
111 MacDougal St
New York, NY 10012
(646) 278-6100