Monday, January 09, 2012

Froyo Life


Los Angeles, CA. There I was, sitting in this frozen yogurt shop, utilizing the free WiFi and thinking about what next ridiculously addicting flavor to try.  Yes, it’s happened folks, I was drawn in and reluctantly left; the stomach wants what it wants and today, it was at Froyo Life.

I stopped by this little shop with a friend, one of four shops in its group, and gave it a whirl - the flavors tasted rich and were smooth and creamy in texture. It was, oddly enough, nothing like previous yogurt experiences. The assortment of toppings - from Oreos, peanut butter cups, and cookie dough bites to sliced fruit and cereal favorites – were seductive to the eye and plentiful for the individual combination creation.

Though flavors routinely change, some notes on my favorites:
  • Cake Batter – was as addictive as the popular ice cream flavor. Comforting taste in its similarities but with significantly less calories! It was hard to go wrong with this little splurge.
  • Dulce de Leche – had an incredible, rich caramel flavor. One of the better yogurt flavors tried to date. How’s that for a lucky stumble?
The cashiers were pleasant, helpful and thorough, especially to newcomers. The environment was clean, cool, and easier to hang out in that expected for such a shop. The toppings were more plentiful than other similar yogurt shop concepts and a definite perk. The store even delivers to its local customers! Being a fan of ice cream and frozen yogurt, it’s nice to come across a place that serves up a side of quality with their flavors.

Froyo Life
1924 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 667-9900

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