Tasty n Sons

Portland, OR. The rain drizzled from the gray skies and the temperature settled on a steady cool. The street was silent, less the sound of a few cars running their course over the wet pavement. Occasionally, a passerby under an umbrella would nod, acknowledging this return to normalcy. The sun in the preceding days was nice but short-lived. On such a day, lining such a street, was a surprising eatery taking on a newer challenge: breakfast tapas.  So let the coffee pour and the eating begin.

From the creators of the ever popular Spanish tapas restaurant Toro Bravo comes this brunch and dinner restaurant that will keep your mouth entertained and your taste buds in awe. Breakfast for dinner? Tapas for brunch? Breakfast at any time of day? Why not? As the theme of the venue offers such an option to its neighborhood patrons and a few fun surprises to boot. Decor was a combination of metals and woods and served with clean whites and clears. Minimalism is a personal lean, and the venue offers up hearty taste in an environment that feels both humble and modern: high exposed ceilings, a bar mid-room, tables lining the wall and some communal seating near the front behind a waist-level bar viewing the street. Servers provided explanations readily and despite some of the 'buzz' of wait times, my friend and I were seated immediately on this morning.

Chocolate Potato Doughnut with Creme Anglaise
Chocolate Potato Doughnut with Creme Anglaise - was a doughy little concoction that had me second guessing its name. Where exactly is the potato? Well logically it made sense, but it didn't offset the taste nor did it make it stray from an anticipated doughnut. It was simple, yet elegant, and due to its size, I took it quite slow for the sake of enjoyment. The light custard subtly meshed with the sugary sweet but was not the victor in this dish.

Cast-Iron Frittata with Asparagus, Oregon Nettles, Caramelized Onions, & Fromage Blanc
Frittata with Asparagus, Oregon Nettles, Caramelized Onions, Fromage Blanc - a lovely pan-made dish with flavors that were precisely complementary. The sweetness drawn from the onions countered the tartness of the nettles and asparagus leaving the bitterness of the cheese to bring everything home. The egg base stood as the foundation hosting the ingredients which, together, made for a dish that was savory indeed.

Glazed Yam with Cumin-Maple
Glazed Yam with Cumin-Maple - had the flavors in force and wonderful for consumption. Cumin is a spice I readily use on meats, but rarely do I think to add it to my starch. The maple combination to sweeten the naturally sweet spice (a variation of Cardamom it would seem) was a nice little trick. The yam itself roasted and cooked evenly, tasting almost 'buttery' when it hit the tongue. I certainly took away a new method for cooking yams.

Fried Egg 'n Cheddar Biscuit with Fried Chicken
Fried Egg 'n Cheddar Biscuit with Fried Chicken - held many things I enjoy in breakfast food: fried, cheese, eggs, buttermilk. One of the true winning dishes, with the cheese placed moments before serving and the chicken hot and juicy to the bite. If I had this every day I would need to be rolled around, but for this particular  day, this dish made for an easy eat reminiscent of several childhood fast-food favorites. Though it held the concept intact, the combination was certainly heartier and more flavorful than those old favorites.

It was another day for locals in the expected rain-water pour, but an unusual day for me, in my efforts to explore. The items were tasty, and they left me yearning for more. I made a concerted effort to stop myself from traveling across the menu, but with so many choices, I'll surely be back on my next trip to Portland.

Tasty n Sons
Hub Bldg
3808 N Williams, Ste C
Portland, OR  97212

(503) 621-1400