Porto Rico Importing Co.

New York, NY. Ocean waves gliding into the shore, gulls sailing through the wind, youth playing in the distance and senses catching the faint scent of a light roast. Ah...the warmth. Hoping to find the source, eyes opened and reality set in...the traffic, pigeons, and taxi hails teasing the senses, but the warm, fresh roast remaining true at Porto Rico Brewing Co. just down the street.

On a brief but food-saturated trip to New York I was introduced to this Greenwich Village shop (although there are other locations). It proudly hosted flavors and blends galore with coffee in excess to grind. Customers and staff seemed like old pals as favorites were discussed and suggestions made for that perfect personalized cup. Chocolate covered beans and nuts, loose teas, and syrups also populated the store shelves though its centerpiece stood clear: coffee and even more...coffee.

Beyond all of this in the rear of the store is their very own barista 'hut' with a small sign identifying prices and sizes, and a helpful rep with about 3 square feet in which to make the magic happen. The choices were inexpensive compared to larger franchise standbys and enriched with a fair quality allowing for an easy favorite. The little shop was as mellow as my simple fantasy of the cool ocean breeze, and the aroma and warmth of the coffee brought a sigh of contentment for the coming day.

Porto Rico Importing Co.
201 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012

(212) 477-5421