Rice To Riches

New York, NY. If a place can claim fame in the area of ice cream, burgers, or donuts, why not rice pudding too? A friend of mine and I were splurging on pizza or something else savory and he led me in the direction of this little store. Why not, eh?

It was easy to be overwhelmed by flavors with the display case taunting its customers, though that feeling is a bit enjoyable when it comes to my love affair with food. I saw cinnamon, coconut, caramel and cheesecake. I saw ice cream flavors and combinations that I couldn't imagine. I could do a half-and-half or I could order a mini-tub of my favorite taste or or...Oh what to do?? I took the easy route and chose one of the four pre-packaged popular flavors to-go.

Cheesecake - flavor wasn't incredibly sweet, thought it was rich, smooth and filling with a taste supporting its name. Housed in a simple enclosure and easy to walk and eat, I nearly forgot that I was shoveling rice pudding into my mouth - a strange thought when it's usually walk-friendly staples like ice cream or frozen yogurt.

The shop was clean, bright, and busy. The cleanliness was quite incredible given the creamy texture and spill-able nature of rice pudding. It had a minimalist design with its choice of oranges and darks and high-top and bar-style seating (sparse).  It was bustling with tourists and locals snapping photos of the interesting signage (see example above) spreading humor and a light feeling across the store. Despite the waits to peek and eat the variety, the cashiers were sure to set its customers up with samples to fulfill curiosities. Nice choice friend, nice choice - adding a 'unique' place to experience during a trip to New York.

Rice To Riches
37 Spring St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 274-0008