Summer House

Corona Del Mar, CA. I was hungry...but not just 'any' kind of hungry.  I was in that familiar frame of mood; something my friends refer to as: "don't-talk-to-Andrew-until-he-eats." My friend proposed this restaurant choice to stabilize the temporary mood offset. Not a common venture...Sunshine-Something? Sum....oh THERE it is...that yellow spot. Sure he didn't successfully remember the name but he remembered the food and thats what counts...right?

We sat at a corner booth, near a wall but away from the door. The place is designed like a summer home, or something seen on a cooking show. It's comfortable and clean, with warm tones and use of older woods to enhance the dining experience. Staff were friendly, if not jovial, and seemed excited when you ordered some of their favorite dishes. My friend glanced at the menu and recommended I try one of their burgers and the hungry me politely (or perhaps excitedly) said "YES." 

Black and Blue Burger with Fries
Black and Blue Burger - It was like my grandma was in the kitchen, rolling the meat with her hands, adding in the spices, while humming a tune, grilling the meat, heating up the bun, and layering on the fixings before giving it to my waiter with a little bit of love. The burger tasted home-fresh with a heavy helping of blue cheese melted onto the burger served as requested: medium-rare. It was a home-run as far as I was concerned and was worth that little bit of a wait it took between ordering and getting.

French Fries with Crumbled Blue Cheese
And the fries? On the thinner side, however...being the hungry person that I was, I pondered the idea of expanding the blue cheese goodness beyond the burger. I asked that crumbled blue cheese be sprinkled across the fries, in the hopes that the request would be granted. To the blue cheese supporters out there: ask the server to put the dish under the hot lamp to melt just a tad. Result? A really GREAT decision.

Mac 'n Cheese
Mac 'n Cheese - was a little treat for myself...something I enjoy, don't make, but can't help myself if it's good. A very humble dish that supported the idea previously stated: grandma's been cookin' up a storm. Served quite hot and crispy on top, the creamy cheese and soft noodle was a filling addition to my afternoon of eats. As anticipated, the oils from the cream and cheese began to separate as the dish began to empty, but for my fellow eaters out there, it was not the least bit bothersome.

On a sunny day or a rainy day, alone or with a friend, Summer House is a simple take on traditional cuisine from the backyard barbecue. It's not done-up, it simply presents to you what it is, gives you what you expect, and spawns memories of that good ole American cuisine. I overheard a few tables discussing their menu favorites and some with an incredible burger focus (as I too shared that day). The locals appear to enjoy it, so there's no reason a passerby can't either!

Summer House
2744 E Coast Hwy
Corona del Mar, CA 92625
(949) 612-7700