Rounds Premium Burgers

West Hollywood, CA. The "gourmet" burger trend in Los Angeles seems to be growing exponentially with burger bars, kitchens, and burger menus popping up at new and old eateries alike. So why not park on the street and take a seat at this burger joint with an order format similar to its "pencil-it-down" competitors. Thankfully the difference here is that it makes for a more casual dining experience, sits at a significantly lower cost, while catering a generous mouthful.

Choices of beef, chicken breast, tuna, turkey or veggie are offered but each time I've come to Rounds Premium Burgers the burgers are where I tend to steer.  How pricey a meal gets is completely within the customer's control and start pretty low with the patty + free toppings + bun included. A respectable burger with extra sauce, cheese, or premium fixings can still hit at less than $9.00 -  not too shabby. Still hungry? Sweet potato and standard fries are also on the menu to pair up with the personalized eat.

Burger + Fresh Bun, sauce on the side
Burger + Fresh Bun –  was not quite mom 'n pop but still hard to put down. The beef was moist, lean, and tasty. The chopped lettuce and caramelized onions were included along the standard penciled path and a slice of cheddar was added for fun. A fried egg topped the creation before the warm, toasted bun was placed to finish it off. Chipotle ketchup was ordered on the side to apply at will. The result yielded a burger similar to a personal favorite and was quite the delicious success!

  1. ‘Sauce on the Side’ – the sauces are pretty potent here and are heavy-handed in the serving. Putting them on at the eater’s discretion seems best. 
  2. ‘Wheat, pretty please?’ – this household bun runs out quickly, but if fiber is the need then mixed greens are a great runner-up. 
It looks like there IS a happy medium between popular fast food chains and high-priced gourmet. Rounds Premium Burgers is relaxed, reasonably-priced, and finger-licking good, making it difficult to not become a regular. Is there any harm in adding another burger spot to the list? I didn't think so!

Rounds Premium Burgers
8871 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 855-1004