New York, NY. Whether the craving is for cola pops or sour fish, chocolate covered banana chips, or simply milk chocolate with a toffee finish, Sockerbit fills the craving while introducing its customers to  Scandinavian candy culture. Purposeful design creates its muted but modern aesthetic directing one's gaze directly to the transparent bins of rainbow color lining the walls. The spacious interior, allowing and promoting the collection of tourists and locals alike, seems somewhat necessary, as the little candies may be overwhelming to grasp. A floating candy connoisseur is readily available to answer questions and guide its customers through this magical journey that readily becomes a memorable favorite. 

The store's name actually translates to sugar cube, a confection also served up in one of the the candy bins, though not tried by my friend nor I. We gathered some of our personal favorites including chocolate and sour, but the specialty shop itself was the highlight. Sockerbit prides itself in serving candies of high quality ingredients, free of trans fats, possessing natural coloring, and states plainly that its little candies are free of genetically modified ingredients. The broad selection of childhood sweets supported the combination of components that made for a tasty snack on the way home from an extended day of food indulgence.

Candy Treats
A fun fact for this momentary stop: it was hard to leave without a smile, and though candy is not a traditional craving of mine coming back will remain on the menu.

89 Christopher St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 206-8170


  1. Thank you!! We loved your write up and we are so glad that you've had a sweet experience in our shop!

  2. Absolutely! I'm looking forward to coming back on my next trip to NYC. It's a great shop!