Cafe Milan

Playa Del Rey, CA. Ever feel like getting away? Heading into a small community, where neighbors are friends, faces are greeted with a smile, and food is served with humility? Ever want to grab a warm or cold cup of coffee and taking a stroll to the beach, salt spray in the air, gulls sounding overhead? Cafe Milan brings together all such qualities, nested in a small plaza in the beachside community known as Playa Del Rey.

I have biked, run, walked, and driven here from various parts of Los Angeles, all to seek out the same sense I have enjoyed each time in the years before. Walking in, the local vibe is experienced readily: cyclists sitting taking rest and weathered skin sharing recent wisdom; local college students filtering out with 'takeout' containers heading to the beach; iced drinks sitting in a cooler to the right, coffee sweeteners adjacent, and next to the counter with a small pastry display and a simple menu fixed overhead. Yup, this place has not changed.

I have come so often that showing images across the menu does not extend the same experience. I have tried nearly everything here and have yet to be disappointed. It is a local spot and feels that way. The staff have always been pleasant and the food has been consistently...comforting. It has been a great place to go for conversation or as a quick stop on the way in or out of town. It is refreshing to see such an eatery thrive and remain relevant in its community. Though I am no longer a local, its charming familiarity has me hooked, and that is what keeps me coming back.

Cafe Milan
205 Culver Blvd
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
(310) 306-0059