C'est Si Bon Bakery

Newport Beach, CA. When meeting up one morning, we decided to try something along the pastry and sweet side. No complaints with that one! C’est Si Bon Bakery had a number of pastries, tarts, cakes lining the front display, and breads lining the back. Times of the latest baked loaves are shown clearly above the racks so customers can get their preferred 'best.' Waiting in line, with indecision aplenty, we stared at the case wondering which item we were craving this particular day.

Croissants (Plain, Almond, Chocolate) - When asked directly, the cashiers agreed that croissants were the top picks of this particular shop, so decidedly, three were tried: almond, chocolate, and plain. Though the general taste was "alright," the filling of the almond and chocolate was minimal (clearly seen by the thin layer of paste or chocolate pieces visible even before biting). The plain croissant was distinctly different than the others with its fluffy and buttery quality. Each bite held a similar reaction "Mmm," warranting some leftovers to play host to a sandwich the next day. It became understood the clear focus seemed to be on the croissant itself.

Cinnamon Twist - was served heated and remained delicious throughout its consumption. The cinnamon layering was consistent in the pastry and the light dusting of powdered sugar sweetened the mouth. This sweetness along with the flaky, buttery nature of the twist married nicely: it was like eating a french toast themed croissant. It was certainly not too much for the tongue and rendered the morning as 'a great start.'

The little shop had a steady flow of business during our visit and there seemed to be a youthful and helpful group of employees for the undecided. Once one was engaged, personal likes and dislikes of the latest baked goods were freely told. To drink along the walk away, we opted for an iced tea, a blend of pomegranate and green, giving us something icy to balance the warmth of the southern California sun. For our pastry fix in Orange County, this place hosted buttery baked treats and a rather good decision for the start of the day!

C'est Si Bon Bakery
149 Riverside Ave
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 645-0447