Alta Coffee and Restaurant

Newport Beach, CA. My friend and I wandered up to this little coffee shop in Newport Beach and a queue had already formed. Hope that was telling! This place is known as a coastal spot for coffee and sweets, with a taste almost like mama’s very home cookin’. With some recommendations already under our belt, we decided to add Alta Coffee for a nice cup of coffee and a breakfast staple: Coffee Cake.

We tried both the Toffee Crunch Latte and Coconut Lattes. The coffee shop appeared to have a bit more of a selection than many franchise competitors. The highly-esteemed toffee coffee was sweet at its start and to its end, with a bit of sugar to the last sip. Its peer was milky smooth, just as hot, and a good starting point for the day.

Crumb Cake - was mild-mannered, and although a polite pastry is wonderful, the expectation went unmet. Bite after bite yielded the same result: dry with no discernible topping. Though the concept was there and the filling was strong, the key factors reduced the hype of the item itself. The combinations were neutral enough, and with the sweetened lattes we purchased, it became a fact for which we were thankful. It can only be imagined how fantastic the dish would've been from perhaps a different pan - next time...will definitely be ordering it next time for another try.

This little shop, although with its longs lines, was fast-paced. One would expect the opposite with a full-house already intact, but pleasant service was offered to every customer, regardless of the length of the order. If there were questions, they would answer, and keep answering until each customer was satisfied. There’s a counter where most of the servers write up their orders and cash up their customers, containing the baked goods available for purchase. Since the eatery has a home-style focus, it’s no surprise that the server checks with each order to see if some of the items are even still available. For more of a selection, certainly an early morning stop is necessary, but for coffee at any time of the morning or early afternoon, this is a great little place to take a break!

Alta Coffee
506 31st St
Newport Beach, CA 92663

(949) 675-0233