Juicy Burger

Hollywood, CA. Whether the hunger was building from walking along the streets of Hollywood or a much-needed snack was required, this small eatery caters well. The idea may seem innovative to first-timers visiting the Los Angeles area, but the concept is by no means novel. The prices and the succession of good eats, is what makes it a worthy burger opponent to the competing vendors in this burgeoning area of the industry. The model is simple: the customer pencils in the order, waits a few minutes, and voila - lunch, dinner, or snacks - are served.

My 'Juicy Burger' with Chipotle Mayo
Make-a-Burger - My personal burger generally consists of 1/2lb beef, medium-cooked with minimal add-ons (as I've said before, a burger is all about the meat, not what distracts a person from it). I get sauces on the side, and have a lean towards chipotle- or garlic-something. A slice of cheddar on top, nested on a bit of lettuce and sandwiched between a warm bun and we have my design. The meat isn't lean, for the low-fat eaters, otherwise the claim to fame wouldn't be in the restaurant's title. It IS juicy; so keep the napkins on the side and prepare for the hands (and possibly arms) to be covered in something - it will likely be enjoyable. If low-carb is the goal, it can be lettuce-wrapped here, but sitting on a bed of mixed greens is not menu-listed at present.

If the fries could talk, they wouldn't be saying too much. The fries aren't terribly boastful compared to a few other eats that publicly claim to fat fry (using duck, lard, etc.) or toss theirs in a 'super secret house recipe'. The fries come hot, crisp, but not so much so one can't immediately consume. They do need a dash of something, but salt isn't it and I've not been able to put my finger on it quite yet. They do pair nicely with the burgers and dipping them in a side sauce becomes routine throughout the meal.

Fresh Fries
The service is generally efficient and friendly but there can sometimes be a longer queue. Lunch crowds, dinner crowds, and club crowds, all should be considered if coming to Hollywood specifically for these burgers. For a few dollars more, make it a combo, but otherwise sit down and prepare to get a mouthful. It's an inexpensive burger with a consistently good taste. Is it my 'favorite'? I wouldn't say that, given the amount of burger spots across LA, but it is a fair option to have listed. There are two locations, but for the eclectic Hollywood crowd this one would be my go-to!

Juicy Burger: shakes-n-fries
6340 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 465-8429