Carmela Ice Cream

Pasadena, CA. What is all this fuss about? Sweetened organic cream frozen and stirred, a balance of air and fresh seasonal flavors integrated for a 'fancy' (hungry) palate...or is it simply the quick-to-melt but fast-to-eat ice cream that makes Carmela Ice Cream the sought after frozen dairy treat. The name goes hand-in-hand with its philosophy in utilizing garden-inspired ingredients to create these small batches of sweet cream, tailored for true lovers of ice cream.

Can't decide? Take a bite, or two. The cashier was informed (enough) directing my scope to the craving at hand: what flavor? Written carefully and colorfully on a board were the favors painted but I asked for further explanation. One readily observed quality of all the choices: they don't glamour their viewer with synthetic colors or processed mix-ins.

Espresso and Mint with Cacao Bits
Espresso - the flavor lacked 'color' or rather: unnecessary additives. The espresso was subtly cut into the mix and the creamy texture weighed heavily on my tongue. I rather enjoyed the milkiness with my coffee, an iced latte of sorts.

Mint Cacao Nib - the crunchy bits bulked up the otherwise fluffy treat in a much appreciated way. The mint wasn't too much and danced across my tongue purposefully. My reaction to the flavor noted the thought that went into making the blend a success; this company seriously considers their product.

With its artisan creamery in Pasadena, suppliers at the Hollywood and Pasadena Farmers' Markets and stocked in a few specialty food stores (see their website): it is rather easy to give this locally established favorite a try (though the artisan creamery comes highly recommended). Dare I say it is the best? Depends on the taste; it is creamier than I'm used to, it melted quickly, and the taste exceeded others. This is the real deal, made for true ice CREAM lovers. The signature flavors (Salted Caramel, Strawberry Buttermilk, Lavender Honey) or seasonal flavors (Rose Petal, Raspberry Rose Sorbet) are all inspiring, so good luck in the choosing! 

Carmela Ice Cream
Artisan Creamery
2495 E Washington Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91104