Alma Restaurant

Los Angeles, CA. Cautiously walking across Downtown Los Angeles led a friend and I into this pop-up eatery that came strongly recommended by an eatTALK reader! The address was questionable since the street appeared quiet with very little indication that a business actually existed. Thankfully, we continued. Temporarily hoisted up was the signage indicating that we found Alma Restaurant, the talked about earth-inspired restaurant that uses the unknown for unique innovation.

The team was small, and we quickly learned who was who. The waiter, also their drink specialist, provided us with a menu while both of the artisan chefs remained in the open kitchen. The heavily industrial pop-up was consistent with a downtown loft style or a restaurant that opened its doors before it was finished. It looked completely unassuming, but the service, the flavors, and the presentation exceeded and overturned any doubt in unanticipated ways. With only 14 weeks behind them at this location, they were certainly starting strong.

Though I could go into detail as to the many unknowns that joyfully invigorated our senses, I will not. Instead, I will make a suggestion: impress your mouth with Alma's inspired use of ingredients and flavors, make a list of anything new, and learn about your food along the ride home.

Pictured Abovepadron peppers, squash blossom crema, fried shallot

house bread and cultured butter
corn and bacon beignet, beer and burnt citrus

smoked white sea bass with watermelon, seet and hot peppers

egg yolk, sunchoke cream, date and charred chicory

hay roasted potato with cabot cheddar, lovage, and savory crumble

sunchoke split, birch ice cream, nocino marshmallow

warm turkish fig, bitter honey, fig-leaf vanilla sherbert and walnut granola

Alma Restaurant
952 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90015