Jones Coffee Roasters

Pasadena, CA. Ever stroll around the local industrial area and fixate on a hideaway spot that becomes the host to creative genius or a simple cup of coffee? I have a tendency to explore new areas, and not all of them introduce me to something to which I would likely return - and yet when I found myself in an area that is miles away from where I live, I came across such a place: Jones Coffee Roasters.

Jones sits hidden between several larger weathered commercial structures. Though the area itself was 'clean,' life seemed more prominent at the coffee shop. As my friend and I approached, live piano music was heard playing from its interior (though unrecognized by me, my friend silently jammed along), students, writers, and business people of all sorts seemed to situate at tables across the shop, and cashiers were seen at the center station smiling and joking amongst one another - a good vibe. Colorful, industrial, eclectic? No set way to describe the interior aside from a mixture of old, older, and some new that worked hand-in-hand. The diversity of decoration is no joke, but I imagine that if I found my 'spot' within either of the seating rooms, I'd be a bit unhappy to arrive with that spot taken. 

I went with the Crimson Berry Tea, including berries mashed and strained before each pour. Cranberries? Hibiscus? What exactly is that I taste? Tart, refreshing, and on a 95+ degree weather day, it quenched my thirst nicely. Though I ordered a tea, Jones proudly serves up its own beans, delivering their claimed "smooth, clean mouthful and a spicy, cinnamon flavor" - next time. If I was a more avid coffee drinker, I'd likely pick up a blend for home.

Jones Coffee Roasters
693 S Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 564-9291