The Local Peasant

Sherman Oaks, CA. Ever find yourself wandering around a new area in search of the next great eat then realize: I'm really just thirsty, and not just 'any' thirsty. Welcome to The Local Peasant a gastropub located valley-side just off Ventura Boulevard, where one goes to Eat and/or Pub.

The sun filters in plainly over the wood-laden interior in the late afternoon and catching these lingering rays seems the ideal end to another busy workday. The vibe is chill, the group is mellow, and the space plays a good host for the indulgent taste buds. The menu includes the staple foods: salad, burgers, fries and a few surprises in their bar snack arrangement. Specialty bottled sodas and fresh juice accompany the beer, wine, and pre/post prohibition cocktails.

Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs - invokes the breakfast mind but nope, not here: deviled eggs topped with applewood smoked bacon in a brown-sugar chili. The taste was the standard expectation but the bacon did a fine enhancement. It made me 'more-than-like' this little morsel.

Blue Cheese Fried Olives - (pictured above) these suckers came out hot and and were little bursts of sour and sweet. I enjoy plain olives, but I think I love them fried. I will try to stick with one order for the table.

All-in-all: a good decision. A friend brought me by for a late afternoon chat and I left with another good food experience under my belt. Seating is a'plenty though I can only imagine how busy it gets as the sunshine sets. Will I be back? Of course! (Besides, I really need to get in on their dessert and brunch eats: fruit cobbler, chocolate chunk bread pudding? Yes, please.)

The Local Peasant
14058 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91432