Semi Sweet Bakery

Los Angeles, CA. A walk into this little shop may lend itself to some brief confusion - decor is simple, a table or two with garden chairs, and not the usual cafe of romance and trend - but fear not, for there is pastry ahead. Situated next to a tequila and mezcal bar and across from a famed French Dip eatery, Semi Sweet Bakery supports handcrafted goodness that combines skill with a touch of homestyle warmth. If I look and believe I can make it at home, then take a few morsels and realize: no...there's a greater skill at play, then something has been done quite right.

Maple Bacon Sticky Bun - was one of the reasons a friend recommended I try this little shop. Stepping away from biscuits and donuts, the sticky bun is as sticky bun does: a sweet roll, messy to the touch, covered in a light maple glaze. The crisp bacon atop the dessert invokes that "common" flavor (in LA), but the new approach makes the combo worthwhile. The fluffy bun and sticky crunch was a pleasant contrast on the tongue and great for the belly.

Hazelnut Coffee Cake
Hazelnut Coffee Cake - heat this cake up and enjoy it warm. The moisture comes out of this traditional coffee cake and pairs up pretty snugly with the hazelnut and chocolate combination. The center swirl is the bonus for most coffee cake lovers, and coupled with a hot cup of coffee gives rise to the melodic tones of "mmm;" it's almost harmonious when shared across the table with friends.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread - another banana loaf with chocolat chips...I grew up with bread of the  fruit and gourd varieties, so despite the attempt, I preferred my childhood treats. It was on the dry side, posing a question of how long its been resting or how long it was baked. Decent enough to enjoy, but after surveying the menu, it just seemed that this day was an 'off' day...poor little banana bread.

Looking for an alternative to those larger franchise dessert menus, a new bakery to add to the list for future birthday parties, or just simply...a new bakery? I always am. With an offering of familiar cakes, breads, and brioche with a few tasty surprises, this suggestion makes for a nice addition to my list. 

Semi Sweet Bakery
105 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 228-9975


  1. i've been wanting to try this spot ever since i heard the baker at the nickel diner took her bacon donut recipe and went on her own here :) you just reminded me of what i was missing.

  2. Yes! Sharlena Fong ventured onward to have a hand in creating this bakery. So good!