Dad's Donut and Bakery Shop

Newport Beach, CA. Tis the season for a southern California holiday stroll - exploring neighborhoods glowing beyond reason from timely decor in a 'crisp' upper 60s climate. If you find yourself in Orange County, head over to Balboa Island and be impressed by the holiday aesthetics gratuitously provided by the local light displays. At some point along the way duck into Dad's Donut and Bakery Shop. For a donut? Naw, for their famed frozen bananas. 

Yeah, that's what I said: bananas. The concept is as simple as anyone would think but who actually takes the time to buy the handful of ingredients and spend the time doing it? Within a minute coat the banana in chocolate, candy bars, nuts, or somethin' fancy, and walk out cautiously eating whatever the impromptu creation may be. My friend and I split a chocolate dipped banana with Heath. A bit mouth-numbing from sweetness, but the chocolate seasoned it all better as it melted. I'd suggest a chocolate on chocolate approach, but I wasn't too picky that day.

They have other treats like their hippo cookies, 'Balboa Bar' and more, but on the sunnier days the colder treats seem a bit more sensible. Please note: the pace is fast; look from afar, decide, then order - otherwise it may feel a bit jostling as another customer takes the indecision as their food-opportunity.

Dad's Donut and Bakery Shop
318 Marine Ave
Newport Beach, CA 92662
(949) 673-8686