Savoy Tavern Bistro

Portland, OR. CHEESE CURDS!! NO, really!! CHEESE CURDS!! How often are those words really heard nowadays when you're looking for a decent place to grub? Well, clearly Savoy Tavern makes the introduction: Customer, meet fried goodness. A group of us gathered at this Clinton Street bar / bistro for an after work, pre-home snack. I guess we weren't quite ready to end the day by sinking into the comfiest of couches and falling asleep to another dated documentary (it's a thing...).

Olive Board
Olive Board (Pickled Vegetable Board) - house pickled onions and varied olives served up with a rather earthy puree of beets and bean (lima maybe?). A bit gritty compared to the creamier apps we ordered, but readily devoured by the house vegetarian and company. It could have used more crispy bread to spread up the mixtures, but we all found something on the board we enjoyed. Lima bean puree is something I enjoy thoroughly, and it will find its way onto soon!

Macaroni 'n Cheese - Cavatappi noodles ('fancy' spiral shaped macaroni) baked in their vintage white cheddar cheese sauce. Well what does that mean? Hmm, well the macaroni stayed creamy all the way through, the oil didn't separate, and it was wholeheartedly eaten - so vintage white cheddar, good job. It was baked with a little crispiness, and set surprisingly fast compared to what I typically expect. Only a mild tinge of cheddar touched the noodles, so I would beef up the ratio of cheese to cream, but the general takeway: it was good. 

Fried Cheese Curds - The restaurant serves deep-fried Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds funneled up and ready to eat as soon as they're set down. Imagine chicken meets jalapeno poppers, but with ONLY the cheese. These little addictive bursts of fun disappear at a rate that may beg for a second order. It is definitely a 'must love cheese' appetizer that on their own, taste great just out of the fryer. I wouldn't suggest waiting for too long (if that's even possible) because the fun does lessens with time.

For an evening of actual dining, or just a happy hour hit, Savoy Tavern successfully brings some comforting midwestern cuisine to the dinner table. The slightly darkened, saloon-ish setup certainly catered well to our early evening of mild debauchery, and a great precursor to our later night dine before officially saying hello to that comfy couch and the tiring television selection.

Savoy Tavern
2500 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 808-9999