Elabrew Coffee

Hollywood, CA. I was taking a walk in Hollywood, realizing that I hadn't yet had a morning coffee and wanted to remedy that stat. To my right I noticed a narrow food stand in front of the CNN tower off Sunset Boulevard, later identified as Elabrew. I would've kept walking but for the lone woman slowly sipping her 'jo, sitting in the few tables adjacent to the stand's storefront. Wait, they sell coffee here?!

I haven't heard Stumptown Coffee Roasters named since my trip to Portland, but boldly written was a "We serve Stumptown" tease. Focused solely on the brew's gentle and smooth quality (even in an Iced Americano), I could picture myself back up in the Pacific Northwest. However, the honking Hollywood passerby quickly whisked me away from that fantasy. Elabrew Coffee's three locations are placed in Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Downtown, with the former two open seven days a week. Take a pick, have a sip, and add it to the list, all thanks to that lone woman innocently sipping her 'jo.


Elabrew Coffee
CNN Tower
6430 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 464-1306