#FoodTour: San Francisco, CA - II

San Francisco, CA. Another bright and sunny day, another day to feast our eyes on some tasty San Francisco eats on this #FoodTour II. Round one took us through some of the local favorites and this new day quickly followed suit. Unsure of how exactly the day would turn out, we played it by ear and went where our tastes took us. What does that mean? Well, let's just say it adds to the choices from #FoodTour: San Francisco I in quite the complimentary way!

Country Fried Steak, Eggs, Grits
The Front Porch. First stop...some good ole southern eats! The Front Porch proudly serves grits, collard greens, okra among other favorites in a dimly lit, eclectically styled environment. Art crowded the walls, deep colors showed through their spacing, and all came together for a comforting southern-kitsch feel. Outside seating was minimal and tables went quickly, but no matter as the restaurant had a fair selection inside. My friends and I came during a busy brunch hour, and from what I hear, the lines tend to lengthen the later it gets. Gumbo, Fried Chicken, Crab, Shrimp and Chicken Fried Steak inspired our mouths and the grits were worth another order. Put on that eatin' smock and venture here for some heavy southern cuisine delighting the bay area!

The Front Porch
65A 29th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 695-7800

Blueberry Peach Pie

Chile Pies. Following on the heels of southern decadence after a morning stroll through the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at the Embarcadero, I temporarily parted from my friends for a Chile Pie experience. Welcoming me to the store was a bright neon sign isolating their feature: PIE. Savory (meat, pot pie, tamale, chile) and Sweet (chile apple, fresh fruit) are available and the choice becomes the challenge. The daily offerings are written on a brown paper sheet against the wall, and the small dining enclosure has bar-style seating across from the ordering display. My friend set aside a fresh fruit pie that was lightly sweetened with a flaky crust, and covered with an oat crumble. Though I met up with a friend and met a few others along the way, this moment was between me and the pie. Next time, I'll add a savory selection to the plate to contrast the palate.

Chile Pies
314 Church St
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 431-9411

Milanesa Benedict

Aracely. A brunch/lunch venue, minutes away from a friend's place, offering up modern twists on brunch fare. Getting a table for a party of five was rather easy and a good thing: the outside patio was set in such a way to appear casual and intimate while spacious and modern. Cornmeal Waffles, Quinoa Pancakes, Bacon Pie or perhaps a Milanesa Benedict with Chimichurri Hollandaise? I'll take one, or all of the above, though the moderate prices make plate-sharing the best option on this occasion. Perfectly poached atop a homemade muffin, my milanesa became lost within the beauty of the dish. With a setting so ideal, accommodating the little guy (yes...dogs are allowed on the patio), Aracely simply made brunch better.

1201 8th St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 437-2947

Tacolicious. Yes, we had just eaten, but spending a short weekend in San Francisco and having tried no Latin American food just seemed a fault we needed to correct. "I know a place and it's on the way," our friend and guide eagerly exclaimed, fully supporting our food-ventures. Tacolicious, hyped up as a place we should try for the their tacos alone was the destination, and though we could surely go for some pozole or a chupito, a taco was meant to be. A taco trio was our perfect end and with sauces aplenty, our Tacos a la Carnitas, Braised Short Rib, and Fried Cod were nothing short of a flavor fusion. Patting our bellies and looking at the time, we left this colorful atmosphere to begin the trek back home. Read More...

Tacolicious - Valencia
741 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 626-1344

Sadly, this marked the end of our #FoodTour: San Francisco, but quick, back to Philz Coffee for another cup for the ride home!