Philz Coffee

San Francisco, CA. A late night, and reasonably last-minute roadtrip, landed a friend of mine and I in San Francisco, CA. The next morning we made a list of priorities, and before dining in one or two restaurants, we agreed on coffee. At Philz Coffee, we quickly acquainted ourselves with a unique blend of flavor, a smiling and helpful staff of baristas, and embraced our individually crafted coffee. The menu of choice blends seemed intimidating at first, but the baristas guided us on our journey to the perfect cup.

"One Cup At A Time"
Philz Coffee takes a bit longer than a readymade-brew, but with great time, comes great quality, yes? Cups are individually filtered for optimal flavor and seasoned where requested (sweeteners, cream, etc. are put in by the barista and a part of the cost). Flavors range from light to dark and generally include a few different beans (though single origin coffees are also available). My favorite, coming highly suggested from a friendly local, was Tesora, a medium-roast with nutty tones and a smooth finish.

The process here was understood, the lines were consistently manageable, and customers always seemed content with their individually filtered drips. Baristas will work with their customers to craft coffees similar to the standard latte or machiatto, but here the focus seems to be on the coffee itself, without the fluff. With locations across the city, Philz Coffee made it easy and comfortable to pick up a great cup, take a seat, and map out each moment of indulgence!

Philz Coffee - SoMa
201 Berry St
San Francisco, CA 94158
(415) 875-9943