Feel Better with Pink Pepper

Hollywood, CA. There was a day when I had a horrid cold. A cold that no matzo ball soup would cure, but then a friend said "You have to try this soup at Pink Pepper, it clears up anything." I thought back to my college days, and remembered that I had the inclination for a full bowl of egg drop soup when I was feeling the start of a cold. Maybe there was some merit to this? Maybe it was just in my head too, but hey, it didn't hurt to try!

Located just south of Hollywood Boulevard, with validated parking, Pink Pepper may seem a bit misplaced. Still, it has become the most commonly ordered Thai cuisine that my local friends will try or recommend. It could be the late hours or possibly this so-called "cure-all" soup? The Tom Yum Gai with Chicken, a version of spicy hot and sour soup, is a hearty little meal within itself. Order a large, and get set to endeavor into a tart and spicy bowl where you can actually taste the lime and chili. Chicken, mushrooms, cilantro, and lemongrass stalks swirl around each spoonful and you'll find yourself tilting the bowl up to get those last few drops of broth. For me, the tart enlivened my taste buds and the spice brought it thoroughly across the palate. It's a subtle blend, but when I'm feeling unwell, I can still taste all of it. Does it help? Well, tasting food again supports the belief!

Pink Pepper Restaurant
1638 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 461-2462