Linn's of Cambria

Cambria, CA. For a weekend escape, a friend and I retreated to a small coastal town in the central California coast known as Cambria. Presenting as a quaint and mellow community with friendly folks accommodating and receptive to its newcomers, the beach-side town was a necessary change of pace. In our Main Street explorations, we wandered by galleries, coffee shops, bakeries, wine tasting spaces, and more, but the curious red building advertising pastry and pie, caught my fancy. Yes, I speak of Linn's, the local family franchise feeding the bellies of those interested in indulgence.

As is readily known, I have quite the pastry fixation, and anywhere I go I may drag my friends to explore the community's bake shops. Walking down Cambria's Main Street after a hearty brunch, my friend and I stopped into Linn's to get a feel for their food specialty and stock. Of course, more food after having food, hasn't stopped me before, so snacking was the next decision of the morning. A full restaurant sits to the right of the Main Street entrance, and a small cafe and shop sit just ahead. Seeing the display of pies, tarts, muffins, and cinnamon rolls, I automatically approached the cafe counter to stare at the small confections more clearly and to silently choose everything I wanted to try.

Olallieberry Muffin
Olallieberry Muffin - Though I can't speak much to the taste of the muffin (as it was entirely consumed by my friend), his infatuation with the ollalieberry preempted his desire of this particular breakfast. Served with a hefty dollop of Linn-made Ollalieberry Preserves, my friend got quite the burst of flavor in his rasbperry-blackberry infused treat. It crumbled as he ate, but the look of contentment on his face indicated that he was enjoying each bite. He bought a jar of preserves to enjoy later from their little cafe-side shop. Note- the olallieberry, as mentioned, is a locally cultivated berry hybrid that tastes like a raspberry and blackberry in its sweet and tart tones (used in a variety of Linn's creations).

Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll - crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and gooey where it counted, the pastry teased me extensively from the display case. At Linn's it is served with or without nuts and heated upon request. Next to my coffee, it felt so right enjoying such a treat this early in the day. Butter...yes butter, was served with the plate, not needed by me, but as I ate I could understand its relevance.

My friend and I never made our way into the American-leaning restaurant to dine, nor did we explore their proud pie menu to speak of the supply, experience, or flavors. We were drawn in by the pastry presentation and wisely chose our eats. Seating was readily available in both the cafe and restaurant, and the cashiers were pleasantly helpful in bringing our appetite to satisfaction. Next time I'll bring the focus back to the other reason I was drawn in: a good ole slice of pie.

Linn's Restaurant
2277 Main St
Cambria, CA 93428
(805) 927-0371
Olallieberry Bar
Following the road adjacent to the restaurant, we happened upon Linn's Easy As Pie Cafe, where, much like the larger Linn's, offered up bars, pastries, and pie, though in a far more casual atmosphere. My friend, eager for a snack, purchased an Olallieberry Bar, the raspberry-blackberry hybrid. Imagine an apple crumble, modified with a blend of apple and berries, over a crunchy crust, below a crumble topping, and squared off for handheld accommodation. The pickings were slim as compared to the side-cafe located in Linn's Restaurant, but fairly similar. Should a pastry be unavailable in the other, check here, just in case.

Linn's Easy As Pie Cafe
4251 Bridge St
Cambria, CA 93428
(805) 924-3050

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