Tanner's Coffee Co.

Playa Del Rey, CA. When you find yourself thinking of a peaceful escape from the hustle of the city, where does your mind take you? The Caribbean? Central coast California? What about...Playa Del Rey, a small coastal community with a humble center, recreational parks, and a beach for fun, relaxation, or an afternoon stroll. Before all of that though, park up the hill, venture down to Culver Boulevard, and grab a cup of coffee, water, or perhaps a pastry from Tanner's Coffee Co.

Don't be deterred by the wind/sand-tattered awnings, as solid beverages served by a friendly staff await. Tanner's Coffee Co. was and remains my favorite community coffee spot in PDR. I came here frequently to read or as a means to 'refuel' on my way to the beach - I would grab a coffee and wander the local streets and toss my cup in a bin shortly before hitting the sands: always perfect timing. The drip is fair and the lattes can get creative, but my usuals lean toward their lightly sweetened Raspberry Tea Latte, flavorful Spiced Chai Latte, or a simple Iced. The couches are overwhelmingly comfy and the inside has become a mellow place for productivity, casual conversation, and an introduction to surrounding small businesses. So...consider the option, adjacent to Cafe Milan, before hitting the destination of relaxation originally sought in the little community known as Playa Del Rey.

Tanner's Coffee
200 Culver Blvd
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
(310) 574-2739