Cheech's Pizza

Los Feliz, CA. I left the neighboring Cafe Los Feliz stuffed. In fact, I specifically went to indulge in a Breakfast Croissant after a solid Sunday hike. Yet in simply passing by Cheech's Pizza, my friend and I stopped and stared like hungry puppies at the pizza in the window. A personal pizza, fully-loaded, was just served to a gentleman whose glasses fogged over from its steam. The toppings were heartily embedded even as he lifted the first slice. With no words we agreed that we had to check it out, even if it meant sharing one.

There was an air of familiarity in the small pizza joint. Tee shirts, plaques, and athletic team photographs all lined the walls embodying a strong sense of community and evoking some nostalgia to those younger years. A friendly older gentleman stood behind the counter stretching out balls of dough, and a delivery guy came in and out with orders (by the way: free delivery if living in the area with a $10 minimum order).  There were a handful of tables, but aside from the fellow now halfway through his pizza, it was just us inside.  

The menu presented quite the deal with a "two for one" special for most of the pizzas on the menu. As great as it was, still feeling the butter croissant in my belly meant the wisest decision was to get a personal pizza. I chose an Artichoke Pizza and took my seat at the nearest round. There were over twenty toppings to choose from, but I went with the unfamiliar. The pizza came out a bit later and met the simplest of expectations. Heavy-handed artichokes integrated into the cheese and sauce, and a soft, chewy dough pulling it together. It was both humble and simply made. The taste was good and the price was right, who knew? Well, we did now, that Cheech's Pizza was a comforting neighborhood staple for a straightforward pie.

Cheech's Pizza
2116 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 666-7744