The Koffee Klatch

Laguna Beach, CA. It was a bright sun shiny day when a friend pulled off in a tight-fitting alley and walked me down a path of circular tables and oversized patio couches. I wanted a cup of coffee, and having just been at the beach, he thought of The Koffee Klach, a nearby coffee house. Narrow seating led up to the counter and more over-sized couches lined the front window. A small display case housed a few slices of sweet confections and a cashier stood manning the espresso machine. He turned with an awkward smile, "What can I get you guys?"

I knew I liked it when the A-B-Cs of a great cup were all there: almond syrup + beach + coffee. I requested an order of an iced flavored with almond, and sat down while satisfyingly sipping. I glanced back at their little treats and found my eyes returning to the Pumpkin Pie Bar. A lover of pumpkin pie, I made the order, sat down again and devoured the thing in less than three bites. A layer of crumble, pumpkin pie, and a crunchy crust served this snack well. I looked over the cabinet again and considered  the Espresso Brownie. less than three bites, though more slowly, the bar was consumed. Primarily a nutty brownie, the espresso remained a silent guest. My friend and I chatted for a while longer, sipping our cups before realizing the sun was getting dangerously close to the horizon. We gathered our things, said a goodbye to the friendly staff, and left the comfort of the beachside coffee house to appease our dinner-craving stomachs.

Note - See our Pumpkin Pie with Graham Crumble recipe for a rendition of the dessert bar!!

The Koffee Klatch
1440 S Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 376-6867