Low Bar Lounge

Vancouver, WA. I reached for my weekend bag from overhead and made my way to the fresh Portland air. It felt good to finally be back in the pacific northwest! Picked up and customarily greeted by my friend's family, we drove some distance toward downtown Vancouver, WA. The conversation of dining came up and all turned me, "So, you like food, where should we go here?" Realizing that all of us were visitors of the city, and after a little preliminary research, I identified three choices in walking proximity to the central downtown area. We approached Low Bar Lounge first, and with everyone's approval sat down at a high top table in uniform decision.

Another lounge-style American eatery offering up bar bites, small plates, and lunch service (thank you!). High-top tables with a woodsy-meets-industrial theme provides ample seating for sitters and arm rests for 'standers'. The open space wraps the sound around the lounge, bouncing a rather good balance of music against the varying conversations. Eclectic art and antique furniture were organically dispersed and a gaming wall returned a few memories from several 70s and 80s video games. Seems like Low Bar was a solid choice, aesthetically, but how about the food?

Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Jo-Jos
Though it was just after noon, I didn't go with a local brew. Instead, I loaded my tastebuds with the Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Jo-Jos. The pulled chicken was tender to the bite and sauced up in a spicy barbecue. A thick slice of cheddar rested on top, melting under the thickest-cut bacon I've dared to eat. The lightly toasted sweet potato brioche softened up the sharper tones of the appropriately-sized sandwich (the pickles and onions went unnoticed. Aw.) Jo-Jos, were a challenge for the server to describe aside from "potato wedges done right." The wedges were lightly coated in a blend of spice and crunch. It wasn't salty, it wasn't spicy...but it tasted pretty darn good. I glanced up at the server who was checking up on our table and it's like her eyes said, "They're amazing. You're welcome."

An even spicier sauce was delivered to the table accompanied with a warning as to its potential fire. Sure, sure, I thought, another boastful 'hot' sauce. After someone commented to the sweat beading on my brow, I can honestly submit: it WAS fiery and I couldn't stop eating it.

The American food at Low Bar served up comfort in a less than American size, giving a good dose of home with great satisfaction. Something to pay mind: Please order at the bar. We sat confused for maybe ten minutes before reading the sign so boldly written on the restaurant floor. Whoops!

Low Bar Lounge
809 Washington St
Vancouver, WA 98660

(360) 718-8378