Nick's Coffee Shop & Deli

Los Angeles, CA. Wandering around your neighborhood you begin to learn about your neighbors, get to know those playful puppies and the ones to avoid, or which houses love to barbecue and which just love their take-out. It's something that naturally becomes a part of the rhythm of the community. Nick's Coffee Shop and Deli isn't a trendy, fancy breakfast and brunch spot looking to wow you with culinary ingenuity. No, no, it's not like that. It's community, and should you become a regular, you're practically a part of Nick's family.

From the moment you sit down, you're treated as if you've been coming for years. There's a sweetness in the air and it's certainly not the remnants from dusting a pastry with powdered sugar. It's just...honest. The walls are covered with framed photographs, entertaining for the booths, and a bar runs the length of the restaurant adjacent to the grill where the 'magic' happens. "Would you like some coffee?" Though I've been on weekends and weekdays for a quick bite, I find myself consuming coffee over an hour or two enjoying the time I'm there and always commenting to the uniqueness of the experience. It feels so separate from a trend, because it is.

Monte Cristo Sandwich
I've come and I've sampled. The menu offers a variety of breakfast and lunch choices at a surprisingly high volume and at a low to moderate cost. The pace of the diner is fast, but conversations can still be had with no need to rush for the next customer. "Need a refill on that coffee?" My 'go-to' is the Monte Cristo Sandwich, a sinfully wonderful treat at most times of the day. There are a few ways of making this (deep-fried with batter, pan-fried, on the griddle) and Nick's version is a fairly good one.
Monte Cristo, Interior

The ham, turkey, and cheese are sandwiched between two egg-coated slices of french toast, and pan-grilled before table delivery. The sandwich melts together, holds up well, and is full of that good ole greasy goodness. Pick a side, if you think you can eat it too, but really, the sandwich is the prime filler for one, unless you feel like sharing. Ah, and it goes perfectly with my endless cup of coffee.

Chicken Fried Steak, Sides: Fruit, Pancake

"Want some coffee to go?" No, no, I'm good. It's refreshing to come across a place that many can enjoy with no pretense intimidating someone from a mere 10-15 minute wait. Nick's Coffee Shop and Deli is open until about 3:00pm, so plan your eats accordingly. It's unsuspecting, and a genuine approach to breakfast that is worth the little stop on a sunny southern California day!

Nick's Coffee Shop and Deli
8536 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 652-3567