Wine Country Farm Bed & Breakfast

Dayton, OR. What better way to wake up than by the crisp cool air, entering through your balcony overlooking a landscape of luscious green vineyards? What better way to retire than by the darkening evening sky, wine glass in hand, warming up to your loved one by the fire? Whatever the fantasy or reality may be, it seemed like the newly married couple I came to visit had romance in mind when we all stayed in the well-groomed Wine Country Farm Bed and Breakfast.

Greeted by the farm's dog, my friends and I unloaded our truck and wandered through the front doors of the house where we were going to stay. It had been a long day, an amazing day, but a day that began to show on many of our faces. In a separate room, a private wine tasting was underway and another spacious dining room hosted the familiar faces of family and friends. The property owner showed us to our rooms, and after minutes of getting settled, we joined the party to say our hellos.

It was a cool night, and though many were lost in conversation remembering the festivities, many just needed an energy boost. Luckily the wedding cake maker had come with the cake in tow, and no sooner did she bring it inside than the group surrounded the champagne themed pastry with forks and knives. To think, a day ago, none of us really knew one another, and now we shared such great memories. The cool evening air floated in through the open doorways, and we stepped outside to take in the night view of the surrounding vineyard.

The next morning, the party gathered in the main dining room, greeted by the estate owners and their chef with an introduction to the morning meal. The spread included fresh orange juice, brewed coffee, and a smorgasbord of comfort cuisine: homemade buttermilk biscuits (yes, I'll have two), fresh strawberry jam, bacon, sausage, eggs with a creamy sauce, and fruit. With the perfect morning air, great company, and amazing view, it was hard to leave dissatisfied from this feast. Respectfully, I waited for others to get their first plate before I considered seconds.

A retreat, an escape, a distraction - however I choose to view the experience at Wine Country Farm, it worked. In so many ways I felt refreshed, relaxed, and appreciated the beauty of the surrounding farm that differed greatly from the everyday world to which I had grown accustomed.

As an aside, Wine Country Farm also raises Arabian horses. Just have the farm dog show you the way to the stables, he's quite the guide. 

Wine Country Farm
6855 Breyman Orchards Rd.
Dayton, OR 97114
(800) 261-3446