Thank you for stopping by eatTALK, a Food, Travel & Health inspired food weblog written by a fellow food lover!! eatTALK introduces you to visually appetizing, flavor-enticing & aroma-seducing 'food for blog' from my kitchen to yours with the occasional eateries across the country along the way! Whether you want to check out the most popularly read items, find a restaurant by cuisine or locale, or search the food archives, eatTALK has it for you!


Created by Andrew, eatTALK is a food-centered, fast-fix to the "what should I make?" and "where should I go?" questions. Born into a multi-cultural family of food lovers (and eaters), Andrew has always explored cuisine as an art - experimenting in, experiencing, and photographing culinary endeavors - challenging the notion that 'food is JUST food.' Living and traveling abroad and in the U.S. furthered the fervor for flavor that leads him to explore new cities where the tongue can taste.  Whether a modest pot luck or quaint cafe, the passion for food remains alive and strong! 

When it comes to eating, Andrew has his staple cravings for a pizza pie, warm, flaky danish, or fried chicken. Personal tastes range from Spanish, Latin-American, Italian, French, to American (new and traditional), among many, many others. With so many eateries to choose from, it's hard to pick a starting point, but low to moderately priced and just plain delicious can make it easier!

If not off educating himself, creating his next painting, or writing, Andrew is having yet another eatTALK experience. You can find Andrew at the beach, in his kitchen developing new recipes, or in the city exploring local coffee shops and places to dine. You can also find Andrew at the gym, reading food news or watching food tv, inspiring a far better workout. A good eat is more than just eating and if you love food, indulge in eatTALK, Andrew's written and pictorial path to tasty!

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