eatTALK Basics
    Accessing eatTALK

    eatTALK Basics

    Who is behind eatTALK?
    eatTALK is written and developed by a food lover just like you! For more information please read the About page.

    Who pays for the food featured on eatTALK?
    I do. I am NOT paid by local businesses to endorse their business or products. Should an item be free, I will indicate this in the review. 

    How are calories calculated for some of these eatTALK recipes?
    I utilize the weight loss mobile application and website LoseIt.com to approximate calories for each ingredient used in the creation of recipes featured on eatTALK. Each ingredient is measured with dry or liquid tools, or by weight with a digital scale.

    How do I navigate eatTALK?
    The drop-down menu in the top left corner, tabs in the right-hand column, and search bar will allow you to navigate to topics of interest across the site. Whether you want to check out the most reviewed items, find a restaurant by cuisine or location, or check out the archives, it is ALL there for you!

    How do I contact someone at eatTALK?
    For general inquiry and correspondence, please visit the Contact page and complete the form.

    How do I report a bug or site problem?
    If you notice an error or issue on any of the pages, please visit the Contact page and complete the form. Please include the link where possible.


    Who can comment on the posts?
    Right now, comments are open to everyone!

    My comment isn't appearing!
    Comments can take a few minutes to appear after hitting the post button, sometimes more. If you continue to have an issue, please visit the Contact page and complete the form.

    How do I receive follow-up e-mails to a comment I posted?
    Before posting a comment, please select the “Subscribe to e-mail” box located above the post button.

    How do I report an inappropriate comment?
    Although the site is moderated, if you find such comments, please visit the Contact page and complete the form. Please include the link to the inappropriate comment where possible.

    What's your comment policy?
    eatTALK is for lovers of food everywhere. Although healthy discussions are welcomed, please keep in mind that this is a online food site that respects other's views and beliefs. Abuse and personal attacks are prohibited, please keep postings relevant to the posted topic to keep the food passion alive!

    Racism, sexism, homophobia, or other forms of hate-speech or content that could be interpreted in this manner will not be tolerated. Such postings in addition to those seen as spam or for commercial use will be removed.

    Accessing eatTALK

    How do I follow eatTALK?
    You can subscribe to the site by an RSS feed reeder, e-mail, Instagram or Twitter. Links are posted across the site for the appropriate technology and in the right-column.

    To follow now:

    How do I share eatTALK?
    Share links are located in the right-hand column and at the end of each posted article.

    Does eatTALK have a popular post widget?
    Maybe in the future, but right now this is not available.

    What is the best way to to view the site?
    The site looks best with the most current version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox web browsers. Internet Explorer is not recommended. The site is also formatted to be viewed on mobile web browsers, although all content may not be accessible.

    Does eatTALK have e-mail newsletters?
    No there are no newsletters, however, you can subscribing via RSS feed, Instagram or Twitter.

    If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, then Contact me!