The Eats

Deviled Eggs, The Local Peasant, Sherman Oaks, CA

Know of a great restaurant?
What place has a romantic vibe?
I'm looking for something quick and healthy, any thoughts?

These are only some of the many questions we ask ourselves, friends, family, and colleagues in moments of hunger or just simple planning. EatTALK highlights a few locally owned eateries and sometimes franchise favorites from food-loving perspectives to answer some of these questions for ourselves. When we find it...why not share it?

EatTALK includes personal favorites and new discoveries, and although opinions may differ, every eatery deserves its own following.

Eatery or...
  • Eatery: Sit down, savor, enjoy. This list features eateries that involve more than a drop-by. 
  • Event: Food Festival? Neighborhood BBQ? Well, the name isn't important so long as we're eating!
  • Postcard: An introduction to cuisine of a foreign land, small town, or just too many eats that can't wait!
  • Quick Bites: A drink, a cookie, a morsel, or taste. This list features small bites that are simply fast 'n easy. 
Please note, the meals are NOT paid for nor supplied local business to endorse their products.

If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, then contact me!