Kitchen-Fresh Buttermilk and Butter

'Food-astrophes' happen all the time in the kitchen, how can they not? The kitchen is a creative forum for a different kind of artist to explore various food thoughts, theories, recipes, and ingredients. Over-whipping whipped cream, for example, minutes before serving isn't unheard of; this do-it-at-home trick can validate those times the whipped cream was over-whipped ("Oh...I meant to make butter..."). Needing buttermilk? That can be done at home too. With a little research of recipe alternatives over the years, these tricks become less tricky and bolster the taste of most given dishes. As it can be guessed, this isn't a recipe as much as it is a shortcut to fulfill a few items absent the grocery list.

1/2 Cup Buttermilk
1/2 Cup Butter, Unsalted
Prep Time: ~15 Min

1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream

Whip the heavy whipping cream in a chilled mixing bowl. It will fluff and stiffen within minutes, but keep pushing through. Whip, whip, and whip some more, until yellow clusters begin to separate from the liquid. This will be the butter. Keep whipping until clusters of butter collect on the mixing attachment.

When clusters fully separate, strain the milk into a separate storage container and refrigerate. I used a larger sieve for this part to easily knead the butter in the next step.

With the remaining clusters left in the sieve, use a spatula (metal works well) and knead the butter. Placing the sieve over a low bowl halfway full of cold water facilitates the ridding of excess buttermilk. 

Remove butter from the cold water bath. Knead in any desired flavors or just form and store the butter in an airtight container and refrigerate.

Alternatives such as these are often known by logic but not always explored in one's kitchen. If wanting to enhance a flavor, create a quick fix, or make something to boast about, this recipe is worth a go - the food certainly won't mind!